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reviewSTOP! The Embarrassment & Stop Premature Ejaculation For Good…Can These Techniques Really Make You Last 20 Minutes Longer In Just 7 Days?

With all the various pills, creams and gimmicks to stop premature ejaculation I did not expect much from a program called The Ejaculation Trainer. Everywhere you look on the internet there’s a “new” technique – and I’ve read about hundreds of them and even tried many of them (without any success).

Like so many guys I was suffering in silence. I was desperate for a solution. My girlfriend was getting impatient and she was NOT happy with our sex life. I lost all my confidence in the bedroom. All I wanted was a normal sex life. You know…enjoy sex and have her enjoy it too. The constant embarrassment and “fear” of sex was starting to get to me.

The methods and techniques aren’t necessarily new, but the way it teaches you the techniques is what makes The Ejaculation Trainer so useful. It starts off by giving you some “quick-fix” techniques to help you immediately. This is great as it helps you to see that this stuff really does work and it helps you to see the light.

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Most premature ejaculation gimmicks only deals with the symptoms. With creams and pills you have to keep buying them (and they keep making money from you). This is different because it deals with the 3 root causes of premature ejaculation. It’s not just another band-aid solution but it helps you to stop premature ejaculation permanently.

Ejaculation is just another reflex in your body. The problem is that you just don’t (yet) know how to control it. Some guys can last for hours (just think of those porn stars).The truth is that we can all learn how to control it. This program has a series of unique exercises that helps you to get 100% control over your ejaculation. Imagine having sex all night long and having complete control over when YOU choose to ejaculate.

Though they make it sound like it’s very easy. Don’t be fooled. This program won’t do it “for you”. It does take practice. Yes, the quick-fix techniques works immediately, but if you want to learn how to get complete control over your ejaculation reflex you will have to practice and use the exercises. It does take time. Some guys can master it in a couple of days while for others it takes a couple of weeks, but in the end it’s definitely worth it.

Do I recommend you try it? Yes. This is not some gimmick or band-aid solution. It deals with the actual cause of premature ejaculation and if you follow the program you will last longer in bed. The exercises are simple, safe and they are proven to work.

Premature ejaculation ruins relationships and can strip you of all your sexual confidence. It is embarrassing and humiliating and can even cause you to develop a fear of sex. Don’t let it control you. Give yourself the gift of giving your woman mind blowing sex!

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What You Have to Know About Premature Ejaculation…


Psycho-sexual issues are hot topics nowadays in medical journals. Just imagine many men are suffering from it. 30-40% of men who have difficulty to stop premature ejaculation are middle-aged. Statistics like these provide evidence that lots of men really suffer from emotional and psychological ailment. And this has to be given priority by their partner because they are also involved in this issue.

Sexually satisfied men and women stick together. A healthy sexual life brings partners closer. Men usually get depressed by premature ejaculation because of the negative effect it brings to their sex life. Some men consider sex as their way or intimate gesture of showing love and affection. It will never be great if the male partner was not able to satisfy the female partner.

Their ego will be badly hurt if there is a disability in his part to perform satisfactorily in bed. Considering that men are very particular with sex issues, it can be distressful and can cause anxiety and loss of confidence in sexual activity when you learn that you are a victim of PE. It is not only aggravating to the male but also to his partner.

Here are the things males have to know about premature ejaculation:
The first thing men have to know is to learn from his experience. His holistic being or the whole body sex does not concentrate on the penis area alone. He needs to be able to feel the whole body sensation. Let your body control and feel it, and do not let the penis dominate your senses otherwise premature ejaculation will not be controlled.

Males are more likely to experience premature ejaculation if their bodies are tensed. As mentioned earlier, let the whole body feel the sensual pleasure. If you are stressed and tensed you cannot get your attention towards it, but if you try and relax your body and feel the beat and enjoy, your whole body can control it and have the proper timing of ejaculation.

Take a shower together with your partner to relieve the stress. It will not only refresh both of you but it is also ideal for both of you to get aroused. While doing this, try to be romantic to keep the intimacy burning. Another is to take deep breaths in order to relax and lessen the stimulation and allow yourself to naturally fight the urge.

An individual can also stop premature ejaculation by learning self ejaculation through self control. One may start with masturbation by hand. Caress penis in various ways for you to learn how to stay highly aroused without pushing for a release. The moment you feel that it is approaching stop caressing. The longer the individual can take, the more he can control it.

Practicing to control will help male from premature ejaculation. If there is a problem of premature ejaculation surely there is a solution. If male still cannot stop premature ejaculation seek for some medical help. Any problem that is associated with psychological and emotional aspects needs long and serious treatment. It might not be a simple problem. There may be deeper reasons why you have it.


articlesEasy Steps to Prevent Premature Ejaculation…

Sexual compatibility is one of the reasons that stabilize a relationship. To sustain good performance in bed, male partners should know how to stop premature ejaculation. Male partners would not want their female partners to get disappointed by having the intercourse end that fast.

Premature ejaculation is a common sexual problem in men. Statistics says that 30-40 % of men suffer from it. Men should not be depressed by what you are going through.

There are steps that will help stop premature ejaculation:

Take advantage on the foreplay, stimulate your partner. Get your attention on your stimulus. Do not be carried away by too much stimulation. Be attentive to the strong sensation otherwise you will end up unsatisfied.
Lessen your stimulation when you feel like having premature ejaculation. Try pinching lightly below the head of the penis to prevent it.

Try the self-help learning control that can help you prevent premature ejaculation. Controlling it first by yourself will help you develop ejaculatory control depending on how much you practiced it.
Try to relax. If you feel like teased and stressed look for some ways to relax you. You can also take a bath to ease you out. Aside from the fact that you will have premature ejaculation; both of you will not enjoy and end up quite disappointed.

If you have marital or relationship issues, clear it first. It is hard to have a sexually satisfying intercourse if you are both not in the mood for it. Unresolved conflict is one of the emotional factors that contribute to PE and stressful financial matters are possible contributors as well. Free yourselves from worries to have an enjoyable and satisfying sex life with your partner.

Do pelvic floor exercises. Some men prove that they were able to delay ejaculation. Do not hesitate to try it.
Try this start and stop technique. Stimulate yourself up to the point that it is coming, then stop. Start again when the stimulation has lessened. Then you will find out that the length of time for ejaculation becomes longer.

Change strokes and position. When a certain stroke gives you strong sensation change it to stay in the game. Same with position, whenever that position increase pressure, change again rather than stopping it. Enjoy your stay while you are in. Do not hang too much on part where you are enjoying. It will not keep you longer.

One must also be aware and seek an expert’s advice. Diagnosis is key to help you stop premature ejaculation. It is not healthy for both partners to experience such conditions. Any psychosexual ailment is not easy to solve. It takes a slow process and requires several treatment sessions in order to overcome it. All psychological related ailments are treatable. One big factor to help you out from it is yourself. Doctors can help but your own initiative and patience will be the primary things that will get you through to that mess. Just be patient and practice your doctor’s orders and in the end you will not be having problems anymore.


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