6 Steps To Beat PE

How do you beat PE? A question on the mind of many men. Yes, you are not alone. Not only is this a common problem but its one that most guys are just too afraid to speak about or confront. The good news is that there are some very effective things that you can do to help you almost immediately. Here are 6 steps to beat PE:

1. Change Your Attitude:
What is your attitude towards sex? If you have to be brutally honest with yourself, do you have a healthy approach towards sex? Guys who treat sex as a way to “relieve” themselves are usually the ones who have performance problems. By changing your attitude you can make some great leaps forward as it can help you to change the all important mindset.

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2. Get More Practice:
Guys who are deprived of sex usually suffer from premature ejaculation because when the opportunity comes up the moment is too big and the desire too great. From this point of view, having sex more frequently will help a lot. This can be easier said than done though. Who wouldn’t want more action more often, right?

3. Masturbation Habits:
Following on from the previous point, those who are not getting lucky often enough will indulge in self stimulation. The problem with this is that guys who suffer from premature ejaculation almost always have bad masturbation habits in the sense that the “goal” is to ejaculate. Average masturbation time for guys is less than 5 minutes. Ironically, this is the time guys take into their sexual encounters. Start by changing these habits. Remove magazines or videos that may over excite you. By learning to go for longer you can start to make some positive changes. Of all the 6 steps to beat PE this is arguably the biggest one since its the one that catches most guys out.

4. Take Up Stop-Start Training:
Learning to control your ejaculation is something that you CAN learn to do. Most guys never learn this. One way to start is with the so-called stop-start method. You simply stimulate yourself to the point of orgasm and then stop until the sensation goes away. You then start again and repeat this process as often as you can. By teaching yourself to stop in time you can start to learn how to control ejaculation effectively.

5. Do Kegel Exercises:
A lot has been written about Kegel exercises but its basically an exercise that is designed to target the muscles that control your ejaculation. The Pubococcygeus muscles (PC muscles) are located near the prostate and by becoming aware of them and strengthening them you can beat PE. Kegel exercises is simply squeezing the muscles and then relaxing it. By repeating the process its like lifting a weights. You can target the muscle the same way you would try and hold yourself when you want to go to the bathroom. Another great way to target these muscles is to put a towel over your erect penis and trying to lift it up and down.

6. Eliminate Anxiety:
One of the major causes of premature ejaculation is anxiety. Things like a poor body image, feeling that you are not big enough or generally being uncomfortable naked in front of your partner can make you anxious and lead to ejaculating prematurely. Start by calming yourself down as much as possible before sex. Work on your body image and your confidence in front of the opposite sex. General stress from work can also have a huge impact and having a poor lifestyle to go with that (bad diet, lack of exercise and excessive smoking and drinking) can also have a huge impact.

These 6 steps to beat PE is something that you have to work on. Try using them all together and work on each aspect daily. By tackling the problem from many different angles you will see speedy results.

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