Premature Ejectulation – How To Stop It Immediately

When it comes to premature ejectulation there are a lot of dodgy products on the market. I don’t know about you, but I for one won’t put just anything on my best friend. Before we look at some of the best ways to stop premature ejectulation lets just look at what cause it first.

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Contrary to what many guys think, this problem is NOT a medical problem. There is nothing wrong with you! Although there are some medications that can cause it, 99% of the time there are no medical reason for you to perform poorly during sex.

So, what is the problem then? Well, its in your mind! I know that it probably sounds crazy but it’s a very simple principle and most guys NEVER figure this stuff out. Porn stars know this stuff inside out and that’s how they are able to have 100% control over their ejaculation.

Ejaculation is a reflex in your body. It gets triggered mentally and even though its your involuntary nervous system that controls it, you can learn to have 100% control over it. It works exactly like any other bodily function that’s controlled by the involuntary nervous system. When you were 18 months old you had no control over your bladder but eventually you learned to control it.

If you are suffering from premature ejectulation then you need to learn how to control this reflex. Its as simple as that. Its NOT difficult to learn it but it does take practice. Its like learning any other skill. Just think of the payoff for learning this skill…just think about how happy you can make your girlfriend? Just think about how you will feel about yourself when you give y lover a mind blowing sexual experience.

The flipside of premature ejectulation is that it can indeed break a relationship. Women by nature can last much longer than guys and if you aren’t performing sexually then you are leaving your lover unfulfilled. Eventually this will lead to problems in the relationship.

Because this problem is mainly a mental problem its incredibly important that you start working on it as soon as possible. The longer you suffer from it the more prominent the problem will become. When you get to a point where you “fear” sex because you fear ejaculating too soon it can create a mental block. What are you waiting for? Fix this and become the man that can please any girl.

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